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“A decade or more ago it was our pleasure to attend Tanvi's dance stage debut . The entire auditorium was simply spellbound by her grace, her passion for dance, intricate choreography done so effortlessly, her connection with the audience and the unforgettable remarks of her teacher, that she was a rare talent that a teacher has a privilege to hone. So when my young daughter wanted to learn a dance number, I promptly asked young Tanvi, who was still in school herself, to teach her. She was a fun teacher who loved to dance and teach with a passion. I became a fan of Tanvi and have followed her journey since. Dancing is not the only thing she loved to do but she was also academically gifted. Tanvi reminds me of a precocious old soul, a very conscientious, compassionate, spiritual, free spirited being who will dance her way through life spreading joy and sharing her passion. Lucky are the ones who will come into her realm to learn about dance but take home a lot more!”

Poonam Mehta


“I recently took Tanvi's Bollywood dance class and it was without a doubt one of the highlights of my week at dance camp. 


Tanvi is a gifted teacher and dancer. Not only did I learn fun Bollywood dance steps that Tanvi made easy to learn for everyone, I felt like I had a full immersion into the magic, richness, and beauty of Indian culture. Tanvi embodies her heritage with such grace and passion it's compelling! She brought the Indian Gods and Goddesses and festivities, celebrations, sense of community, fun and reverence to life in her class. This touched and inspired me and made her class feel like a beautiful celebration of life. We all felt like one joyous family after. It was an amazing experience, truly uplifting and inspiring! I would recommend Tanvi's class to anyone. She's a treasure!” 

Laura Woodlander 

“Tanvi’s Bollywood dance class left me feeling energized, self-expressed, and high from pure fun/amazing music. She is an incredible dancer (well studied/trained) and has a very loving, lovable presence while guiding a group of people. She brings forth the culture, form and tradition of Indian dance, all the while making it approachable, relatable, playful, and well designed for her audience/students. I highly recommend her teaching and classes!”

Amy Rogg

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