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Tanvi Mongia is a renowned professional Indian classical dancer who has performed for audiences all over the world. Tanvi has been trained in the ancient Indian dance style of Bharatnatyam for 16 years and combines her classical training with modern styles like contemporary and Bollywood to create a unique expressive fusion of dance.


What sets Tanvi apart is not necessarily her training, it’s the level of passion, heart, and depth that comes through her movement. Her graceful and authentic expression of her heart entrances the audience into another world. 


If you would like to enhance your next wedding, event, or concert with an exciting, cultural performance you can contact Tanvi here. 

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Bharatnatyam is an ancient style of Indian dance that originated 2,000 years ago by devotees who wanted to praise Hindu gods such as Ganesha, Krishna, Shiva, and Parvathi. The dancer uses very specific mudras and eye movements to tell the rich and complex stories of Hindu mythology. Bharatnatyam is an intricate communion of expression, melody, and rhythm keeping Hindu tradition alive in a beautiful and captivating way.


Tanvi’s Bollywood classes are a fun and dynamic experience in which students are immersed into the culturally rich experience of Bollywood. Students learn basic choreography to popular, upbeat songs and dance in a circle as a beautiful celebration of life. Tanvi’s class allows students to express their inner divine feminine energy without necessarily having any dance experience.


Tanvi believes we all have a dancer within us and this class is meant to bring that to life. Students leave her class feeling alive and inspired by the richness of Indian dance. If you would like to hire Tanvi to teach a Bollywood class for your organization you can contact her here.

Learn more about her weekly classes in the California Bay Area



Tanvi has trained under Guru Sri Madhusri Sethuraman since the age of 5. Madhusri Sethuraman is a highly recognized Bharatnatyam teacher and has received her training from world renowned teacher, Padmabushan Smt. Kamala. In the last forty years, Madhusri has given over 500 performances in USA, India, Europe, Australia, Singapore, China, and Hong Kong. Tanvi has traveled with Madhusri to China to perform for Indo-China friendship year. 

Tanvi also began training under Chetna Raniga at the age of 8. Chetna is the founder of Darpan Dance Academy which focuses on the fusion of Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Hip Hop, and Contemporary. Chetna’s elegant medley of these eclectic dance styles has allowed Tanvi to come to life in a fully expressed and authentic way. Under Chetna’s guidance Tanvi has performed with renowned artists such as Aasha Bhosle and RDB. 

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